The upmarket ELR plug-in hybrid has not stirred much sales excitement and Cadillac has decided to end its production.

We already learned in February that the stylish plug-in hybrid was not going to see a second generation, but now it has been revealed that ELR’s production was in fact terminated altogether. “Cadillac ELR production recently concluded. A very small quantity of ELR units remain available at dealers today, ” Cadillac Product Communications Manager David Caldwell recently said, quoted by Hybrid Cars. In is not a surprising announcement at all, as the upscale extended-range plug-in had a spicy price tag, since it was sitting on an updated platform of the first-generation Chevrolet Volt. The luxury brand managed to sell 95 ELRs in April in the United States, with 357 reported so far in 2016, while only 1,024 were delivered during last year.

General Motors has other plans in mind and it has to focus its efforts on more exciting electric projects, such as the Chevrolet Bolt that promises to be a good match in the fight with Tesla. The mass-market 200-mile-ranged Bolt, which is getting ready to enter into production later this year and is rumoured to cost around 35,000 dollars, has some solid demand perspectives. Some analysts say that it could hit up to 80,000 units in sales during its first year of availability, while on the low side they see no less than 30,000 units.

As for Cadillac, “it still remains committed to delivering new technology, including advanced propulsion,” as Caldwell says, aiming to launch a new plug-in hybrid version of CT6 sedan, a model imported from China.

Via Hybrid Cars


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