Cadillac considering diesel model for U.S. image

At the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, Cadillac’s Don Butler revealed the company is thinking about selling a diesel-engine vehicle in the United States.

Currently, European competitors like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are offering diesel models in the U.S., as these engines offer higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Don Butler, Cadillac’s vice president for marketing, said in an interview that the company is considering a diesel offering for models sold outside the United States. He added that a diesel engine could find its way into the U.S. market as well, as it „could be a potential hedge in the U.S. because of diesel’s great torque, great performance with great efficiency.”

Butler said Cadillas is ready to do whatever it takes to compete with the imports, including introducing competitive powertrains. “We absolutely mean it when we say we aim to compete with the best of the best without compromises. And if that means making the right powertrain choices, then those are the choices we will have to make,” he was quoted as saying by the Automotive News.

GM’s previous experience from the 1980s with a diesel engine was a failure, the very unreliable engine affecting the image of Oldsmobile and Cadillac.