Cadillac Converj to hit the production line image

Being originally presented back in January 2009 at the Detroit Auto Show, the Cadillac Converj has received, once again, green light for production.

The American electric-powered version of the CL, the Converj, will be manufactured as a luxury coupe and GM’s worries, that fitting the new Cadillac with additional luxury features will increase its weight and reduce its electric range and performance, vanished.

The Concept car presented in Detroit was liked by all the people who are in charge of liking a car and was scheduled to hit the production line but just two months later the project was abandoned and David Caldwell, the Cadillac spokesman, said that the Converj hadn’t reached “a point at which development would be occurring in earnest in any case”.

The Cadillac Converj is scheduled, once again, to hit the production line in 2013 as a 2014 model and will probably hit the dealerships in the same year when it will enter production.