Cadillac CT6 coming to market with HD rear mirror image

When it will be available for sale next year, the Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan will be the first car fitted with a high-definition video rear-view mirror.

Many design directions have significantly reduced visibility on cars, but your rear-view range of view will be in HD when Cadillac CT6 will hit the sales in the first half of next year. Made by Zeeland, Michigan-based supplier Gentex, this type of mirror will greatly improve the visibility in contrast with traditional optical mirrors. The Full Display Mirror projects on the rear-view mirror the image taken from a rear mounted HD camera. As a safety measure, it also works as an regular optical mirror in case of camera obstruction or malfunction. Gentex claims it doubles the driver’s field of view providing a 40-degree vision angle by not being narrowed by the back pillars – there are not visible with camera being placed outside the car. Also, another major benefit is in the diminishing of blind-spots. For the image to be as clear as possible, the software adjusts the lighting contrast for every pixel of the image. Gentex calls this fine-tuning as “pixel level intelligence”.

The Cadillac CT6 sedan will be the first production car to offer this mirror as a factory installed option. The supplier expects to start shipping mirrors from its Zeeland manufacturing facility to GM’s assembly plant for CT6 production very soon. Gentex is developing new technologies for mirrors for ten years and makes about 90% of the world’s auto-dimming rear-view mirrors. Last year the company had 1,38 billion dollars in sales and 288 million dollar net income.

By Sorin Petcu