Cadillac will unveil the redesigned CTS sedan in March at the New York auto show, and it will hit showrooms this fall.

Cadillac announced that its redesigned CTS sedan will reach showrooms this fall, and the redesigned Escalade SUV is expected to arrive at the beginning of 2014. The automaker also plans to increase retail sales this year by 35%, according to GM executives. Cadillac relies on its redesigned models to boost sales in 2013, after a 2% drop last year to 149,782 units.

“Our sales growth needs to be in double-digits percentage increases, month over month,” said Cadillac marketing chief, declining to specify a target. “We’ve got the product, and now we need sales growth commensurate with that product.”

Bob Ferguson, vice president for global Cadillac, said that the coupe version of the all-new compact Cadillac ATS will be seen in dealerships in 2014, the same year as the Escalade and ELR luxury electric coupe. He added that the CTS will be quite different form the ATS and that the CTS will be a tough competitor for the BMW 5-Series.

“It’s just gorgeous,” Ferguson told the Free Press near the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention. “We are positioning that car as a step up, so there will be a marketing challenge to reposition that car.”


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