Cadillac Escalade taken to the absolute pinnacle of luxury by Lexani image

When it comes to American rides, there are numerous occasions when the Cadillac Escalade has displayed its capacity to be luxurious or ostentatious. But it appears there’s room for even more in both directions.

This comes courtesy of California coachbuilder Lexani Motorcars, which has recently taken the wraps off its latest creation – the piano-themed Escalade Sky Captain. The Sky Captain has a black and white exterior and interior, sprinkled with traces of 24 carat gold trim. As the name already implies, the idea is to have a private jet feeling while still on the ground. By the way, Lexani got so engulfed in the transformation process is apparently forgot to shoot some pics with the exterior as well – the firm only released images of the plush interior. Of course the pampered occupants of the SUV are the ones sitting in the back – who get independent quilted leather-clad seats with integrated heating elements and massaging function.

There’s also a 48-inch curved Samsung screen for a near home-theatre experience – or a high quality video business conference. In case the “house” gets crowded there’s also a pair of jump seats (quilted leather as well) that deploy from the bulkhead. By the way, in case Lexani’s over the top luxury is not enough for the passengers and entourage, there’s always the possibility to go for the extra mile: up to a B7 level of ballistic armor protection. This could be just a coincidence, but it appears that people who usually have the money to afford such transformations also need the latter level of protection.