Cadillac Escalade Will Keep Its Name image

Cadillac will keep the Escalade SUV, and will build a new model under the same name.

An all-new Cadillac Escalade is expected to hit the market somewhere in 2014 as an early 2015 model year.
General Motors plans to keep the car’s name and is not thinking to take the path chosen by other manufacturers that chose confusing names such as ELR or LF-LC (Lexus). Therefore, the upcoming 2015 Cadillac Escalade will share the same platform with the new Chevy Silverado, which will soon be released, and the Sierra.

“Escalade is an iconic name that we like — and so do its owners,” says Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell in an e-mail to Drive On. “At this point, we don’t project that we’d tinker with it.”

Ford’s Lincoln has an entire collection of confusing letter names such as the MKS, MKZ, MKT and only one with a normal name, the Navigator. Mercedes-Benz is already famous for its dizzying names, with the Sprinter van kept because it comes from Dodge when Daimler jettisoned Chrysler Group. Mazda also has a collection of letter-number names, and even the Miata is officially known as the MX-5.

  • ShaLor

    Poorly written article with bad grammar and confusing facts. The CTS-V is made by Cadillac so it cannot be consider an "other manufacturer." I am glad to hear that Cadillac will keep the name though.

  • michael

    I don't understand how people and whine and complain about Lincoln's way of naming and not say 2 word about Cadillac's … cts, srx, sts, xts . answer that…