According to sources familiar with GM product planning, General Motors fully approved the development of the Cadillac flagship sedan within the last couple of weeks.

GMInsiders says the new sedan will ride on the new Omega platform that is loosely based on the Zeta architecture. Omega is based on the Zeta Platform, but is so heavily modified that you may as well give it its own name. And what better name for the be all, end all platform at GM than Omega?

The Omega platform it’s an entirely new large rear wheel drive design that will cost around one billion dollars. It is being engineered in China where it’s expected to be most successful.

First, the flagship is expected to resemble the fantastic Sixteen Concept and offer six and eight cylinder mills, with a possible hybrid drivetrain somewhere farther down the road.

A launch date hasn’t been set, but sources suggest the model could hit the streets between 2015 and 2017.


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