The luxury division of General Motors is a long way from its leading performance that was ubiquitous on the US auto market just years ago, and while every other major global premium player is churning out more SUVs than ever, Cadillac just has two.

The brand, undergoing a major investment offensive, has presented last week its CT6 flagship sedan, a car that should lift brand image but ultimately have a lesser impact on actual sales. That’s because even with all is might and technical novelties, the global luxury segment is undergoing a true revolution – with buyers of premium models rushing to purchase sport utility vehicles. The momentum is so huge that even ultra-luxury brands, such as Bentley, Aston Martin, Maserati or Rolls-Royce have plans or will introduce soon such vehicles. And GM’s premium arm is sitting out of the race that should come as natural for Cadillac. Global powerhouses because of the segment’s massive surge in sales are unveiling all shapes and sizes of premium SUVs. There is something to appeal to any kind of customer in the subcompact, compact, full-size and large SUV segment – but Cadillac has just two “soldiers”: the old midsize SRX and the great Escalade.

According to analysts and industry experts, Cadillac should unveil – besides the already planned new generation SRX – at least one smaller offering and another one, large enough to accommodate seven persons, rivaling with the likes of Volvo’s XC 90 and Audi’s Q7 – all refreshed models. All these entries are expected to come in the Cadillac range before the decade ends, but analysts fret that if the SUV boom will vein off by that time, Cadillac would have missed a golden sales opportunity.



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