Cadillac Head of US Sales Fired for Policy Violation image

Last week, GM fired Cadillac head of US sales for violating company policy.

In June 2012 the automaker appointed Chase Hawkins as Cadillac’s vice president of US sales and service. GM spokesman David Caldwell said that his dismissal was “effective immediately due to a violation of policy” and that a replacement will take his job soon. When contacted by reporters Hawkins said that it was “more of a personal issue than a company violation,” but did not offer further details.

Hawkins joined GM in 1996, in various marketing and sales assignments in Mexico, South Africa and the Middle East. In 2012 he was named vice president of Cadillac’s US sales, overseeing 168 Cadillac dealerships, and also served as the automaker’s regional director of sales and service for the Northeast.

“Bob has been doing a great job, and Cadillac has a lot of momentum right now,” said Carl Sewell, co-chairman of the Cadillac National Dealer Council and owner of Sewell Automotive Cos. of Dallas.

Cadillac sales increased 38% through May and according to Bob Ferguson, vice president of global Cadillac, sales in the US might jump 30% for the entire 2013. Cadillac relies on its new models to boost sales in the US and globally, including the 2014 CTS which will hit the market this fall.

Source: Autonews