Cadillac Introduces New Models in the US Luxury Market image

GM’s Cadillac plans to reach top sales in the US luxury market by introducing 10 new models or redesigns in the following three years.

The 10 new models or redesigns include Cadillac’s recently launched all-new XTS and ATS sedans, the all-new CTS sedan, the ELR plug-in electric coupe and a next-generation Escalade.

“Within the next year, you’re going to see the production forms of some new vehicles from us,” said Don Butler, vice president of marketing for Cadillac.

The automaker plans to double its 2010 US sales (146,925 vehicles) in the following years, trying to reach the first place in the US luxury market, dethroning Mercedes. 1997 was the last year when Cadillac was number one.

Cadillac is confident that the new models which cover more luxury segments will make the automaker become top-selling U.S. luxury brand. The company relies mainly on the ATS and XTS, the last one selling 2,000 units this August and continues to climb. Some dealers already have the model in stock, but other are just getting the first XTS. The ATS will also get to dealerships in a few days and Butler believes this model will compete with the BMW 3-series.