Cadillac invites you to its branded-coffee boutique image

GM’s premium brand is making huge efforts to attract younger customers and hopes that a new branded Coffee Shop in New York will make a difference.

General Motors aims to change people’s perception over its Cadillac marque by trying to make the lineup more appealing to younger customers. By doing so, it hopes to steal some of those German-focused buyers, but it has quite a gap to recoup. Cadillac’s latest efforts are pointed to marketing campaigns as well, a key factor of the business. And the brand seems to have found the answer: coffee. The automaker is now putting the finishing touches on a new concept called Cadillac House, an exquisite coffee shop and retail boutique located on the ground floor of the company’s New York office. The 12,000-square-foot space will welcome its guests starting from June 2 and it will also have art exhibits curated by the people behind the magazine Visionaries.

Cadillac has put a lot of thought and money into this move, as the idea cost several million dollars and 18 months of work. “We have tried to tell people what you’re supposed to feel from the Cadillac brand,” Melody Lee, Cadillac brand director, said, quoted by Bloomberg. “But what we hadn’t quite fully established was an environment that you could walk into.”

GM’s brand needs to use all the marketing tricks to improve its sales, especially in the US, as worldwide deliveries dropped 18 percent in April, “as the brand phases out its SRX Crossover in advance of shipments of the all-new XT5 successor.” After the first quarter, Cadillac global sales were up 0.3 percent, but only because they were driven by a 6.1 percent increase in China.

Via Bloomberg
Photo source: Gensler