Cadillac Plans to Increase Sales in the US by 30% This Year image

Bob Ferguson, vice president of global Cadillac, predicts that the automaker’s luxury vehicles will increase more than 30% this year in the US and with 20, 000 units in China.

Bob Ferguson, present at the 2014 Cadillac CTS reveal, told journalists that he expects US sales this year to increase by 30%, after in January and February sales increased 32%. For this increase the automaker relies on its new CTS.

“We need growth out of this vehicle. We need to sell a lot of CTS cars,” he said. “This will be a big part of the volume growth of Cadillac sales.”

In 2012 Cadillac sold 150,000 units in the US, a decrease of 1.7% from 2011. Ferguson said that even if Cadillac relies on the new CTS to boost sales, the automaker’s best-selling model in the US is expected to be the SRX. The company predicts a sales increase not only in the US but also in China, where the company wants to triple sales in the following three years.

This year, Ferguson expects sales to increase to 50,000 from 30,000 in 2012. Cadillac will introduce the CTS in this market in 2014, but the company said the model will not be manufactured here.