Cadillac to expand its lineup – plans three SUVs by 2016 image

General Motors Co’s premium brand Cadillac is planning to expand its portfolio of premium vehicles, as the U.S. based automaker wants to get closer to the German competitors.

Cadillac will unveil at least six new or redesigned cars in the U.S. and China over the next 2 years, Reuters reports citing three automotive supplier sources.

According to the same source, the first crossover to be updated will be the SRX, which will get an update somewhere in 2016. Shortly after, Cadillac will present two new models from the same category – one larger than SRX and one smaller. All these three new vehicles will be available in the United States and China, but plans for Europe are less certain, the sources said.
GM’s luxury division has big ambitions and hopes the new lineup will help narrow the gap with the luxury-segment leaders.

However, VW’s premium carmaker Audi has by far the most ambitious plan – the Germans are planning to expand their crossover lineup from three to seven models over the next six year – from Q2 to Q9. BMW, the world’s largest luxury automaker also is working hard to expand its crossover lineup, from four to five models (the X4).

On the same time Cadillac will start selling the updated 2014 Cadillac CTS sedan this fall, the 2014 ELR hybrid coupe this winter and the facelifted Escalade SUV next spring.
There are plans for a new ATS coupe for 2015 and a large LTS luxury sedan somewhere in 2015 or 2016.