Cadillac XTS enters production in China image

The North American based automaker Cadillac has recently announced the production start of the XTS in China, where the model will become available exclusively for the local auto market.

According to the car manufacturer, all units of the Cadillac XTS produced in Shanghai will be sold in China, and cars produced in Oshawa, Ontario, will arrive on U.S. soil. The chest version of the Cadillac XTS will become available to its future customers in China from 349,900 Yuan (55,100 USD) and, depending on the version chosen, it can reach569,900 Yuan (91,400 USD).

“We are reaching the next level of Cadillac growth in China. This expansion in localized assembly for our brand in China coincides with the strong momentum of our new product portfolio and significant growth in the dealer network”, said the Global Cadillac vice president, Bob Ferguson.

The Shanghai-built Cadillac XTS, offered for the local Chinese auto market, will get a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder gasoline engine, which is not available in the United States. The model in question will be sold through the company’s Chinese dealership network, which includes 150 shops. 100 more will be opened by General Motors by 2015. Cadillac has delivered 30,000 vehicles in China in 2012 and the annual target set for 2015 is 100,000 units annually.

Source: Cadillac