Cadillac’s CT6 could donate DNA to Buick flagship image

Given that General Motors needs to quickly recuperate its huge investment into the sales-slipping Cadillac luxury brand, it makes sense to use the highly flexible mixed-material architecture that underpins the new CT6 across other brands.

The largest US automaker has given birth to a new, large, rear-wheel-drive platform (dubbed Omega) via the flagship Cadillac CT6 – so the industry experts are already wondering what other cars might have at least part of the same underpinnings. According to Mark Reuss, GM’s product-development boss, a top of the line Buick might be a safe bet; though he also hints it won’t come in the near future. “Not yet, we’re working on that,” commented the GM development chief on the sidelines of the recently concluded New York auto show. Actually a large Buick version based on the Cadillac CT6 architecture has been doing rounds in the rumor land since a few years ago Cadillac said it was developing the large, rear wheel drive platform for the CT6. The whispers became louder once the brand showcased the fashionable Avenir concept sedan in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The traditional direction is that Buick might make use of such a large model in China – its main global market – since Chinese customers are utterly fond of being chauffeured around and have a high percentage of back seat occupancy. That makes sense for a model that gives the back equal importance to the driver and front seat passenger. The CT6 employs “a mixed-material architecture and is very flexible,” added Reuss. Also, although Cadillac in China is growing like the prince in the fable, Buick still outsells the luxury brand by almost 13 cars to one.

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