Cadillac’s CTS will employ vehicle-to-vehicle communication image

This will actually become a free of charge feature arriving very soon – it will become standard on the CTS with interim 2017 models that are rolling out of the factory right now.

The connected sector includes not only cars that have the latest and greatest infotainment features, but also cars that can communicate with each other or the infrastructure. And Cadillac is moving fast in the field – a mere three months since the Department of Transportation proposed a mandate making vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology in new cars sold in the US mandatory in the near future. Cadillac said it will deliver the technology as a standard perk on the CTS, starting with the current production models for the US and Canada – making it the first ever automaker to offer it in North America.

Cadillac’s CTS will employ vehicle-to-vehicle communication 0

“V2V essentially enables the car to sense around corners,” said Richard Brekus, Cadillac global director of Product Strategy. “Connecting vehicles through V2V holds tremendous potential, as this technology enables the car to acquire and analyze information outside the bounds of the driver’s field of vision. As an early mover, we look forward to seeing its benefit multiply as more V2V-equipped vehicles hit the road.” The system will make use of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) as well as GPS, and can process 1,000 messages per second – and makes use of the 5.9 GHz spectrum as allocated by the Federal Communications Commission, being able to “talk” to compatible V2V systems up to 1,000 feet away. The system will be of use in a number of potentially hazardous situations, alerting the driver through Cadillac’s recently announced new generation infotainment system.