Cadillac’s New Models Might Help Sales Increase 30% for 2013 image

Cadillac is close to its best start in the States since 1976 thanks to its all-new ATS and XTS sedans.

Cadillac sales increased 38% year-to-date and according to Bob Ferguson, vice president of global Cadillac, sales in the US might jump 30% for the entire 2013. Cadillac relies on its new models to boost sales in the US and globally, including the 2014 CTS which will hit the market this fall. The automaker will also start manufacturing the new ATS compact coupe and in 2014 it will launch the revamped Escalade.

“The broader point here is you can go into a Cadillac showroom in the middle of 2014, and you look left, and you look right, and the entire product portfolio will be new,” said Ferguson.

Although Cadillac’s sales have jumped this year, the brand still lags luxury leaders Lexus and BMW. The automaker plans to add new models each year, in order to expand its product portfolio. Ferguson said that the automaker considers building a new Cadillac flagship sedan and a new SUV or crossover.

“If you look at what our competitors offer, whether it’s Mercedes, BMW or Lexus, Audi, Acura, they have a broader product portfolio than we do currently,” Ferguson said. “So we want to win the in the marketplace and that will mean expanding our vehicle lineup.”

Source: The Detroit News