California Lawsuit: There Are More Faulty GM Vehicles than in Recall image

The lawsuit against US automaker General Motors, filed at the beginning of this week in San Francisco, also includes plaintiffs who own GM vehicles outside the recall.

According to the suit claims there are more vehicles with faulty ignition switches than the ones recalled by GM. The Chevrolet Cobalt vehicles made in 2010 had the ignition switch poorly replaced making it easier for drivers to mistakenly bump keys into the “accessory” position, which makes airbags useless in a crash. The 1.6 million vehicles recalled by GM include Saturn Ion vehicles model years 2003-2007 and Cobalt model years 2005-2007.

In another lawsuit filed by a former worker at Delphi Automotive, the company which manufactures the ignition switches supplied to GM, it is said that the US automaker had concealed information about the faulty ignition switch which lead to a crash which killed his daughter.

In February, GM recalled 1.6 million vehicles with faulty ignition switches which might have caused 12 deaths. So far, 13 plaintiffs have been named from 9 states but their number is expected to increase. Both lawsuits filed in Alabama and California claim that the US giant knew about these issues since 2001 but failed to take the necessary steps and fix them on time – the same as Toyota did – and recalled more than 11 million vehicles in connection with problems including floor mats that caused the accelerator to get stuck.