California Plans to Extend EV Tax Credits and Build 100 Hydrogen Fuel Stations image

California has approved the plan to raise $2 billion for extending rebates for EVs and to build 100 fueling stations in the following 10 years for hydrogen powered vehicles.

The legislation still has to be signed by Governor Jerry Brown and if it will get the green light it would extend some vehicle fees so that the money could be used to pay the programs. California sees its zero emission vehicle program a center piece of its efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and smog. One of the bills will sustain funding for $2, 500 state tax credit to be used for the purchase of EVs or plug-in hybrids until 2024.

Until the end of last year the state has offered rebates of $24.8 million for 8, 305 EVs, among which 600 Tesla vehicles and 6,720 Nissan Leaf EVs. Around $11.2 million have been awarded in $1,500 rebates for plug-in hybrids, among which $5.7 million for 3,777 Chevrolet Volts.

“Investing in electric vehicles is a smart investment for the state because it will pay for itself many times over in avoided health care and fuels costs,” said Roland Hwang of the National Resources Defense Council. “Electric cars are the future. By breaking our dependency on oil through electric cars will benefit the health and welfare of all Californians.”