The most populous state in the United States is also one of the greenest on the planet and will continue to be so due to continued investments into such plans to aid green automobiles.

California will see the installation of 10,000 new charging stations – Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) all submitted their plans to the California Public Utilities Commission – which could grant them in excess of one billion dollars to assist this expansion. This new $1 billion proposal is part of the California Air Resources Board’s Midterm Review of the Zero-Emission Vehicle Program that started back in 2015 and has a goal to secure even more zero-emission vehicle sales through 2025.

PG&E, for example, will ask $253 million for expansion of electric fleets for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, new fast-charging stations, and five, one-year projects that look to promote electrification. SCE wants $570 million, for “a portfolio of projects tailored to meet the needs of its customers,” such as programs for passenger vehicle adoption, charging infrastructure, and heavy commercial and industrial vehicles at ports. SDG&E also wants $246 million to invest into “tens of thousands of EV charging stations.” If these plans get approved, the state of California will have infrastructure for more than one million electric vehicles in 2020.



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