While the California-based automaker didn’t initially put its home location on its short list of states that could get the proposed battery gigafactory, officials from the state have been increasingly vying for a place in the bid.

Yesterday, the state’s lawmakers proposed a set of financial incentives in favor of the electric carmaker to help lure it to the home state – after previously Tesla officials, including its CEO – Elon Musk – said the state is an unlikely candidate because of the time consuming approvals needed for the construction.

“California has set the example for the world in battling climate change and promoting innovative technology to lower carbon emissions,” said one of the lawmakers supporting the bill. “This factory would help us achieve the dual goals of strengthening our economy and fostering more clean technology and renewable energy.”

“Everything is on the table – tax credits, investment credits, hiring credits,” another lawmaker said. “We need to show Tesla that we’ll cut through the knot of red tape that frustrates companies in this state and prove that California is open for business.”

Palo Alto, California-based Tesla is almost ready to choose its final location for the ambitious $5 billion lithium-ion battery plant – nicknamed the “gigafactory”, with the fully green project expected to bring at least 6,500 new workplaces. The CEO, Elon Musk, said that while the company thinks about breaking ground in at least two of the possible states, a decision regarding the final location would be taken around the year’s end.

Via Business Insider


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