According to a recent study made by the Polk automotive research firm, California leads the hybrid sales in the US.

The study also shows that hybrid sales account for less than 3% of all car sales in the US, and California is the leader in this segment. California has 9 of the top 15 hybrid-happy markets in the U.S, accounting for almost 30% of the nation’s hybrid sales, while San Francisco and Los Angeles accounted for almost one-quarter of all electric vehicle registrations.

The data shows that in Tulsa only 0.58% of all vehicles sold is a hybrid, the same situation seen in Lafayette and Shreveport, La., Corpus Christi, Tex., Wheeling, W.Va., and Minot, N.D. where hybrid sales account for 1.5% and only 1% of the EV sales, although they represent 6.6% of all vehicle sales.

Polk also predicts that light vehicle sales will increase 6.6% in 2013, reaching 15.3 million vehicles and 16.2 million by 2015 led by increased demand for the new model introductions expected in 2013. According to Polk 43 new vehicles and 60 redesigns will be introduced this year, an increase of 50% compared with 2012.

Here are the Top 15 markets for hybrids:

  1. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose   9.4% of all sales
  2. Monterey/Salinas, Calif.   8.84 %
  3. Eugene, Ore.   7.89%
  4. Santa Barbara, Calif.   7.5%
  5. San Diego, Calif.  7.13%
  6. Eureka, Calif.   6.97%
  7. Los Angeles    6.62%
  8. Chico/Redding, Calif.   6.06%
  9. Palm Springs, Calif.   6.03%
  10. Portland, Ore.   5.95%
  11. Seattle/Tacoma, Wash.   5.9%
  12. Sacramento, Calif.   5.85%
  13. Bend, Ore.   5.61%
  14. Medford/Klamath Falls, Ore.   5.60%
  15. Tuscon, Ariz.   4.89%



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