Californians show high interest in electric cars image

Even if gas prices are still low, many drivers from the US leader state of EV sales, California, say they are considering their next car to be an electric one.

California has been the homeland of electric vehicles in the United States over the last five years, with nearly half of those 200,000 EVs sold in the US finding a customer here. Nevertheless, plug-in electric vehicles in California today only represent about 3 percent of the new car market, showing that there is still much room for growth. And drivers seem to show very open to the idea of buying such an environmentally friendly car. A recent survey made by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that more than half of Californians are likely to consider an EV as their next vehicle and more than 65 percent are generally interested in the technology.

In the Northeast, the percentage is a bit smaller, with over 43 percent of drivers responding they would use a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle today. This is in part because there are fewer EVs for sale in the Northeast compared to California. Despite the strong interest in EVs here, 39 percent of responders said that were still too few public charging stations and 30 percent found it difficult to find credible sources of information about EVs.

A more surprising fact though was that most of the Californians and Northeasterners did not know there were any plug-in electric vehicle incentives and federal tax credits for EVs, which can cut the purchase price up to 10,000 dollars.