We’ve never heard of Camal, an engineering company from Italy, or OSVehicle from Palo Alto, California – but both are claiming to have developed and designed the world’s first modular autonomous vehicle.

It’s called Edit – a befitting name – and is a fully autonomous and modular vehicle designed specifically for the service industry and automotive startups. It has a single modular platform to which customers can add their own design and even interchange body panels according to personal desire. The project has been secretly developing for more than a year and wants “to democratize mobility by enabling businesses and startups to design, prototype, and build custom electric vehicles and transportation services.”

Camal Edit is fully autonomous and also modular 2

The body itself is broken down into five main areas – front, rear, roof, double symmetrical doors, and chassis. The four elements on top of the chassis are designed to lower costs and help manufacturing practices so while the shape can be personalized, the mostly boxy design remains. The company had little to share about the powertrain – hinting it’s of the full electric nature – but said the car, if the customer has the necessary technology, can reach Level 5, meaning full autonomous driving with no human input.


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