In the latest batch of recalled cars from the new recall “guru” – General Motors, there are also 500,000 units of the very new Chevrolet Camaro. And it looks like this is another case of late recall.

As we all know, this year General Motors has been under fire for the very late recall – at least 11 years late, that is – of 2.6 million cars that were equipped with defective ignition switches, a problem that has been so far linked to more than 50 accidents and 11 deaths.

The problem – identified in a wide range of small cars – mainly the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion, was that under certain conditions (including bumping with the key the ignition fob) would trigger an engine shutdown via the key jumping to the “Acc” or “Off” position – with critical safety systems lost in the process.

Now, the latest batch of recalls – with General Motors already exceeding in North America 14 million vehicles this year – also includes 500,000 Camaros, which can get the key bumped with the knee and cause the engine to stop.

Reuters did a sweep on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database for the problem and found 18 complaints – from as early as 2009 – that involved Camaros and the loss of problem. Among them, dating back from April 2013 is one that clearly states that touching with the knee shuts down the engine.

“When the ignition switch/ key is slightly bumped with knee, the car shuts off. Three times now. Dealership not responsive. Taught my teen drivers what to do if this happens and this saved my daughter’s life when it happened to her,” said the complaint.

General Motors has been universally panned for the handling of the ignition switch recall, and it looks like other such problems are still arising – even after all executives, including CEO Mary Barra – promised to “clean up” the company.

Via Reuters


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