Can Spyker survive coming out of bankruptcy, again? image

The exclusive and stylish Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker has made another Phoenix-like move, emerging out of bankruptcy and nailing a victory against a crucial creditor.

But what comes next for the boutique marquee is anyone’s guess – the latest statement from the car company had no words on the development work of their newest model, the B6 Venator. The company was hard at work developing the model late last year when the skies came tumbling down on them. Instead, in the near future the Dutch company aims to merge with Portland, Oregon-based electric aircraft manufacturer, Volta Volare. “Spyker is back with a vengeance and we look forward to a bright future,” commented Victor Muller, the company’s founder and chief executive officer. He did testify to the company’s “very rough patch” after Spyker last December declared its bankruptcy. The 15-year old brand now has renewed ambitions – though such acts have been the ones getting it into trouble all along. It even acquired Swedish carmaker Saab from General Motors after the latter filed for its own bankruptcy and the operation hit the bottom fast enough that GM blocked the deal between Spyker and interested Chinese investors, though – ironically – Saab did end up in Chinese hands later on.

Tying with an aircraft builder is not very unconventional for Spyker as the company established back in 1989 used the name of an earlier Dutch automobile manufacturer appeared at the dawn of automotive manufacturing and had ties to the aircraft business. The modern Spyker designs went on to incorporate aeronautical ties in the basic design of the models, even using names for earlier models such as the Aileron.