Canada also probing fatal accidents in relation to GM recall image

According to the North American country’s top transportation official, the authorities have started investigating two accidents involving fatalities and further said they also received additional complaints from owners of GM recalled cars.

The General Motors cars recalled – 2.6 million units – are equipped with a defective ignition switch, which causes the engine to suddenly stop and the car loses critical safety assistance systems, including the airbags.

“There were two accidents into which we are currently having investigations which may be related to this defect and this recall and I can confirm that,” said Transport Minister Lisa Raitt. “I think people are going to take a look at the accidents they had and wonder whether or not the faulty switch was at fault and I expect Transport Canada will get more phone calls,” she added.

Another official, from Transport Canada – the federal transportation ministry – also confirmed the cars investigated were involve din the GM recall, and in both accidents the airbags failed to properly deploy.

In the US the automaker has linked at least 13 deaths to the cars involved in the recall, although the NHTSA contended the number of deaths could be higher after GM added about a dozen new accidents to the tally.

Via Reuters