Canada Auto Sales Up 1.3% in June, Thanks to The Detroit Three image

Auto sales in Canada increased 1.3% in June to 171, 608 units.

Ford’s sales decreased 6%, but it still was the best-selling automaker in the market with 28,703 units. Chrysler increased 11%, to 26,054 vehicles, with June accounting for the 43rd consecutive month of growth for the automaker. GM took the third place with 24,707 units sold, up 8%. According to industry consultant Desrosiers sales in June surpassed any other previous June in Canada.

US automakers reported double-digit increases in Canada for pickup sales, while sales of sedans and other passenger vehicles dropped 5%. Light truck sales in Canada increased 7% last month, with Ford’s F-Series up 15% to 11,051 units, Chrysler’s Ram pickup up 16% to 7,176 units and GM’s trucks up 10% to 9,234 units. Toyota’s sales in Canada dropped 4% to 17,052 units, Hyundai sold 14,605 units, up 6% and Honda increased 11% to 13,416 units compared with the same period last year.

In May auto sales in Canada increased 5.3% with automakers selling 185,040 vehicles, a little under the record of 185,471 units sold in May 2007. Canada’s top seller was Ford, as demand for its trucks helped offset a decline in car sales. The second and third places were taken by Chrysler and GM, all three Detroit car makers performing better than in 2012.

Source: Autonews