Canada Auto Sales Up 9% in April on Pickup Truck Demand image

Auto sales in Canada during April increased 9% due to strong demand for pickup trucks from the US car makers.

Sales of light trucks, including minivans and SUVs, accounted for 55% of the total auto sales in Canada last month, according to independent auto analyst Dennis DesRosiers. Light truck sales were up 16%, compared with passenger car sales which increased only 1%. The Detroit Three, GM, Ford and Chrysler reached a gain in Canada for April of 13% compared with an increase of 6% for automakers outside North America.

During the first four months of the year auto sales in Canada were up 1.4%. Ford remained the best-selling automaker in the region with an increase of 15.5% in April to 27,907 units, followed by Chrysler which rose 5% to 25,745 units, close to GM which sold 25,071 vehicles, up 19%. Ford’s F-Series lineup increased 38%, accounting for 43% of the automaker’s sales in Canada, Chrysler’s Ram pickup trucks were up 31% to 8,020 units and GM’s large pickup trucks increased 15%.

Japanese automakers did well in Canada, with Toyota up 7% to 20,089 units, Honda up 20% to 15,343 units and Nissan up 17% to 8,078 units. South Korean Hyundai was down 5.5% to 13,517 units and Kia also fell 5.4% to 7,581 units. The German automaker VW increased 11% to 6,248 units, BMW increased 1% and Mercedes fell 14%.

Source: Reuters