Canada: Mazda to introduce unlimited mileage warranty image

Here’s a great perk when buying a new vehicle – Mazda is set to offer all buyers or leasers of a 2015 model year vehicle unlimited mileage warranty.

That’s a bold and powerful statement – Mazda is not a big producer that (if cars returned to services a lot) could offset losses easily and Canada is by no means a small country, meaning car owners tend to usually drive more miles than the average. But, as a marketing and PR stunt – it’s not getting any better. Actually, one of the reasons South Korea’s Hyundai and Kia rose so much in recent years is that they introduced (albeit mileage limited) five and seven years warranties (market dependant).

According to the Japanese automaker, for all 2015 model year autos, no matter the mileage, the basic warranty stretches across all defective parts for three years, while the number goes up to five for the powertrain, to seven for body sheet metal perforation. Drivers also get roadside assistance for the first three years. There is one exception though, the eight-year emissions defect warranty that remains limited to 79,535 miles (128,000 km). While offering an unlimited mileage warranty is an effective marketing strategy and a continuing trend in the industry, Mazda also needed the image boost in Canada as the company’s market share dropped from 5.2% in 2008 to 4% today and year-to date sales only rose 3% to 62,995 units.

Via Automotive News