Canada: October auto sales +2.1% increase image

In October 2011, auto sales in Canada registered a positive result of 2.1% increase compared with last years result, driven mainly by the performances of General Motors, Chrysler and Korean automakers.

Year to date, sales increased only 1.5%, with an overall of 125,680 vehicles sold in October. As mentioned, this represents 2.1% more sales than in October 2010.

Although Ford is Canada’s best selling automaker, in October sales were lead by General Motors. During the month, General Motors sold 19,542 vehicles, a 9% increase compared to the same period last year.

Ford registered a 2.4% fall from 2010, selling only 19,190 vehicles in October, spitted between 4,236 cars (-6.7% from a year ago) and 14,954 trucks (-1.1% compared to the same month 2010).

Chrysler registered the greatest increase in sales from the three Detroit automakers, posting a 12% growth and its strongest October since 2002. The company sold 17,049 vehicles in October, mostly Ram pickup and Jeep Wrangler. This figures are totally opposite to 2009’s slide into bankruptcy.

All the Japanese automakers registered falling sales, except one carmaker. Toyota sold 14,980 vehicles in October, marking a 3% increase. The other’s sales negative performance were: Mazda down by 4.9%, Nissan decreased with 14.2%. Honda fell 12.3%.

Korean carmakers Hyundai posted a sales increase of 12.1%, while Kia’s sales grew by 15.4%.