Canada: Toronto authorities ask court to ban Uber’s service image

Uber Technologies, the mobile car-booking service that took both investors and municipal authorities by storm is facing another possible ban from the city of Toronto.

The online service – which uses a smartphone app to allow people to book car rides, rivaling traditional cab or limousine services – could be banned from operating in North America’s fourth-largest city if the court agrees to the authorities plea to shut down Uber. According to a statement on Toronto’s official website, the San Francisco-based technology company had been present in the Canadian metropolis since 2012 but lacked a proper license. The notice called for the service to be banned, citing among the concerns the fact that the service didn’t provide evidence about driver training or vehicle inspections, had inadequate insurance and raised traffic congestion because of the cars present on the road.

Uber, one of the many services (now also the best known because of the negative publicity) that allow people to call and pay for rides with their mobile phone, has been hit by numerous legal issues as protests against the service sparked around the world. Disrupting traditional taxi and limousine services, the US startup managed to secure a $17 billion valuation after a funding round in June and currently operates in at least 220 cities since its introduction back in 2009.

Via Bloomberg