Just like the UAW is the biggest and most renowned US union, so is Unifor in Canada, forming a behemoth labor organization. Now, the union has set its eyes on the workers at Toyota’s local factories.

Unifor said it’s expecting workers at Toyota’s assembly plants in Ontario to soon decide on a vote that would see if they join the union – with a positive outcome signaling a great step for the union that recently took control over the Canadian Auto Workers Union.

Toyota has two assembly plants in close vicinity to the US border, in Woodstock and Cambridge, Ontario – employing around 7,500 people there. While the Japanese automaker managed to deflect and discourage earlier attempts by the CAW to organize its workers, the Unifor now succeeded in getting the full list of Toyota personnel, which includes job titles and their work location – a threshold that allows the union to better prepare in the strive to unionize the company’s workers – as the Japanese company is openly against the unionization efforts.

During the UAW convention in the US, Unifor’s President Jerry Diaz told media that his union has already collected north of 3,000 cards from employees in Toyota’s Ontario plants that seek union adhesion – mirroring the efforts from the US union counterparts to organize workers at foreign-owned plants located in the US South.


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