CAW announced GM, Ford and Chrysler’s 20,000 employees to prepare for a strike five days before the current contracts deadline.

The Canadian Auto Workers said that even if negotiations have picked up over the past few days, a final agreement has not been reached yet, and there are only five days before the union’s current contract ends at 11:59 p.m. on Monday.

“We’re still hopeful that we can avoid a strike by reaching a new agreement with at least one of the companies,” the CAW said in a leaflet distributed at plants Wednesday. “Collectively, though, we must be ready for any outcome.”

Discussion between the CAW and the Detroit Three began in August and automakers are trying to convince the union t accept concessions similar with those offered by the car makers in the US. Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has already announced last week that he will have to pull out of Canada if the CAW doesn’t bring its costs in line with the UAW. GM and Ford also said they will reduce the number of plants in Canada if the union refuses to accept these concessions.

“All three companies appear to be fixated not merely on cost containment, but on deep concessions that would have a lasting and severe impact on our members,” the CAW said in its latest leaflet.


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