Capri and Calibra return? image

Ford and Opel are planning the successors of Capri and Calibra. Already in January 2011, fans can pick up at the Ford stand at the Detroit Motor Show, a first taste.

The VW Scirocco gets competition: Ford and Opel are planning the successors to Capri and Calibra. At the 2011 Detroit Motor Show, Ford will come with a study of a coupe based on the new Focus. The concept will be powered by the two-liter Eco-Boost engine that is found on the actual Focus ST.

According to some rumors, the three-door version of Ford Focus ST will not exist in the new generation of the model, it will be replaced by the compact coupe, called Capri. The differences between the ST version and the future Focus will appear, thus, exclusive at the number of doors, at the rear shape and at the mass, which in the Capri case will be somewhat reduced. At this this result will be reached by using several elements from carbon fiber and by an aluminum body.


A year later, in 2012 – German automaker Opel will present the new Calibra. Again, some rumors said that the 2012 Calibra coupe will be based on the Insignia platform. Other rumors are talking about the platform from the GTC Paris concept. Anyway, Opel plans to launch the new Calibra somewhere in 2013.