Car Crash at Nürburgring: Eight cars Involved in Crash including BMW M3 Ring Taxi image

According to a local police report, first picked up by Jalopnik, the accident was caused when a British driver came in too fast into a section called the “Bergwerk” where some construction has been taking place.

The British driver tried to brake, but the car became unstable and a side collision with a car driving ahead was inevitable. The car then hurled into the grass. After about 50 meters it came back on the road where it hit two other cars.

Three drivers noticed the crash take place so they slowed their cars to a crawl, however, the BMW M3 Ring Taxi didn’t notice the decelerating cars and continued on at a normal pace. When the BMW driver realized what is ahead it was too late. The ‘Ring Taxi’ crashed into the back of one of the civilian cars and eventually came to rest against the crash barrier as seen above.

Of the eight cars involved in the crash, all but one suffered serious damage.
The estimated cost of the crash is around €150,000.
According to reports from the safety regulations were not being followed at the time of the crash and at the TV wall, where normally the safety video is shown, there was nothing but rolling commercials.