Car Crash: Ferrari F430 Spider crawls on its roof and gives up damaging several parts image

Buying a Ferrari F430 Spider not just cost a penny. Buying it is a dream of many, but not all get the opportunity to have it because of low budget. And imagine if that next generation, luxury car becomes a part of a fatal accident, almost taking lives of passengers and drivers, what could be the reaction of all?

At initial stage, though people will not think about what car is it, since they will be caught by the event happening or happened on the site. But later, people do say that oh it’s a luxury car, not a cup of tea for all!

Recently, a yellow Ferrari F430 Spider was met with an accident and landed right on its roof in Lichtervelde, Belgium at morning around 11:15 AM. The car turned around due to the failure of its tires, leading to this extent where the owner could have died.

Luckily, no injuries were reported from the owner, he was safely pulled out of the car. Unfortunately, the car did damage from its roof top and of course failure was also reported of one of the tires. The damage can be visible through the pictures which show how this beautiful looking car in few seconds turned ugly.



By Sunita Mandal