Car Crash: Illegal Night Racing in Moscow, 10 Injured image

Illegal racing and risking the lives for the sake of few appreciations have continued and will continue at every corner of the world. People feel satisfaction doing this and proving themselves the winner.

However, when they fail to win and in between met with an accident, a severe accident, they barely realize what they have done. In a recent car crash found in the beautiful city of Moscow on June 11, ten people got injured while they were waiting to cross the road and reach to their respective destination. They had deliberately pushed to become a part of this serious event that could have taken lives out of few.

On the Sparrow Hills, the next illegal racing has damaged a small car lying on the road – VAZ 2114. This small car was hit by the Bentley Continental GT and the Range Rover. There were witnesses around who have noted that the Bentley Continental GT had hit the Lada – VAZ 2114 in its front wing and dragged into the crowd where people were already looking for opportunity to cross the road safely. Due to this forcefully running vehicle which was coming towards the crowd, people tried to escape the accident. However, few were thrown around by this luxury car.

One person was stuck to the hood and rode for 15 meters, whereas, another person flew to two meters length into the air. Check out the video and pictures here and you will find how severe that accident was.

By Sunita Mandal