Car navigation – what more can we expect in the near future image

When it comes to high-tech features in our automobiles, one of the first systems that comes into our minds are today’s ubiquitous navigation – that clever way of not losing your way when traveling to a new location.

In the age of Wi-Fi hot spots and semi-autonomous features, it’s easy to forget the impact the navigation system had on our driving experience. And believe it or not, the first instance of in-dash technology that followed the known audio features will continue to have a deep and transformative influence over our next car – even if it was first introduced back in another lifetime, those crazy 90s. Actually, navigation systems are one of the features that stand to gain the most from the rapid evolvement of in-car technology. So, let’s see some features that might help us even more or could simply prove crucial when you use them – though you might have to wait for their addition in your next car.

First off, let’s have connected search in every navigation system – certain vehicles already allow you to find services in a given area via Google, Bing or Yelp, which is great because you have fresh online results instead of (probably) antiquated map DVD highlights. Next up, on numerous trips you could be saved by a parking finder feature: imagine you’re visiting a completely new town and you have no idea where parking lots are located or which parking spaces are free or paid. One other neat trick that could prove useful is the “Picture Navigation” feature: Audi’s Connect can use the geo-tagged information from a photo to give you the address that you actually didn’t know.

Via Forbes