Car safety: China NCAP to improve safety standard image

The China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) established in 2006, the sole organization that makes public announcements on new cars’ safety level in China will be made more stringent, according to a report by Asia Pulse website.

”The automotive industry in China is big, but few people really understand cars. Common criteria such as engine displacement, inside space and door numbers don’t really matter, what’s important is how safe when you are sitting in the car.”

C-NCAP mainly includes three different tests with a same full mark 16: 100% overlap frontal test at 50km/h, 40% overlap frontal offset test at 56km/h, side impact test at 50km/h.

For 2012, C-NCAP will release a new set of standards. In the new standard, 40% overlap frontal offset test speed increases from 56km/h to 64km/h, on par with the European standard.
The rear-impact (whiplash) test and pedestrian test will be introduced as optional tests.

Is clear that C-NCAP is far from being a perfect program, but is good that Chinese authorities are trying to improve it.