Car sales: China vehicle sales up 5.5 percent in September image

China’s passenger-car sales rose at a faster pace for a fourth straight month in September . China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said Thursday that in September vehicle sales rose 8.79 percent to 1.32 million units.

Xiong Chuanlin, assistant secretary-general of CAAM, said the increase of passenger car sales reflected the strong fundamental demand in the Chinese market.

“People have the impulse to buy vehicles ahead of a long holiday, especially for October as it’s the best season for travel,” said Han Weiqi, an analyst with CSC International Holdings Ltd. in Shanghai.

“Discounts offered by automakers also contributed to last month’s growth.”

On the same time, passenger vehicle sales for the January-September period totaled 10.5 million units, up 6.38 percent from a year earlier.

General Motors, the biggest US automaker said on Monday its sales in China jumped 15.3 per cent in September from a year earlier to 240,244 units, despite government moves to phase out incentives for buyers.

Ford also recorded good sales in China. The U.S.-based automaker sold 28,669 vehicles in September.

Monthly auto sales dipped 0.25 percent in April in their first decline in more than two years.

Sales were down 3.98 percent on the year in May but since then have rebounded, rising 1.4 percent in June, 2.2 percent in July and 4.2 percent in August.