According to FBI, car thefts dropped 3.3% in 2011 to 715, 373.

The rate of cat thefts was 229.6 per 100, 000 people, a decrease of 35% since 2007 and 43% since 2002. Due to last year’s motor vehicles thefts, more than $4.3 billion was lost nationwide and the average dollar loss for each stolen car was $6,089. From all the vehicles which were reported stolen last year, 73.9% were automobiles.

A new study shows that more and more thieves are stealing the car keys from drivers’ homes, as new vehicles are too difficult to be broken into. This new trend of stealing the car keys account for two-thirds of the 150,000 vehicles stolen annually. This means that four in ten cars are being stolen using their keys stolen during burglary.

“Improvements in car security mean that criminals now place a greater emphasis on stealing the keys rather than forcing the ignition,” said John O’Roarke, managing director of LV car insurance.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales shows which are the most commonly stolen items from vehicles:

1. Exterior fittings – 41%
2. Valuables – 15%
3. Electrical equipment – 13%
4. Other vehicle parts – 8%
5. Car radio – 8%
6. Tools – 6%
7. CDs/tapes/videos/DVDs – 5%
8. Glasses/sunglasses/spectacles – 3%
9. Mobile phone – 3%
10. Wheels – 2%


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