CARB ready to battle Trump’s EPA image

While EPA’s new Trump-appointed chief Scott Pruitt has vowed to reassess the organizations emissions rules by (most likely) softening them, California is fighting back and sticking with the stricter pollution rules.

In case you don’t think global warming is real, Mr. Trump, we recommend you take a look at the power-generating means of certain cities – let’s say Las Vegas – and then restate your speeches. Anyways, the California Air Resources Board has decided to pre-empt attempts by the federal government at lowering the pollution thresholds for the automakers. The state’s pollution regulator has unanimously adopted the emissions regulations for 2022-2025. “We are disappointed that California has chosen to refuse our good-faith offer to work together with all relevant stakeholders on this important matter,” commented a source within the Trump administration for Reuters.

During the final days of the Obama administration the EPA decided to secure the 2025 emissions standards that increased the fuel economy goal but the new boss has been adamant about possibly reviewing the rules. This issue – with CARB on one side and the EPA on the other might degenerate into a legal battle over emissions levels, as other states take the CARB rules as guidance and make them tougher than what the EPA warrants.

Via Reuters