Carbon fiber wheels’ prices go down to affordable car level image

As in a standard, not very expensive car will actually have the same price as a set of carbon fiber wheels – in America $11,850 will net you either those or a new Nissan Versa Sedan.

Back in 2012 Koenigsegg revealed what they proudly claimed to be the “world’s first hollow, one piece, super light carbon fiber wheel” for the Agera R hypercar, but the price for them also included the car – and it was certainly not cheap. The first time you could get for your car with the world’s first commercially produced, one-piece carbon fiber wheel set was when Carbon Revolution made it available. So, the ultra-light wheels have become available without spending millions of dollars on a hypercar as well – the brand has 20 dealerships in the United States.

By the way, you can also trust they are making great products, because the privately owned Australian company has an OEM deal with Ford to supply CF wheels for the Ford GT supercar and the great, as well as much cheaper, Shelby GT350R Mustang, which gets the wheels we see here as standard equipment. Thanks to such lucrative deals, Carbon Revolution has also been able to drop the price of retail units by 25 percent so far – their most affordable set of carbon fiber wheels is $11,850 MSRP, though going for the Porsche center lock fitting will take the price to $13,850.