Carbon Motors packs the full internal upgrade into the Mercedes G-Class image

The aftermarket specialist seems to have declared on all things plastic, with Carbon Motors presenting a full luxury interior suite for the very off-road enabled Mercedes-Benz G Class.

With that “war to all plastic elements” declared, the tuner opted for a black leather treatment on the dashboard, center console, and door panels. The bespoke design also incorporates some carbon fiber trim, an Alcantara headliner, as well as diamond-quilted seats with red contrast stitching. All things considered, the upgraded audio system with a JL subwoofer as well as the additional sound deadening material are just things you come to expect from the tuner.

Carbon Motors packs the full internal upgrade into the Mercedes G-Class 3

The showcase unit has also had some modifications courtesy of MD Commerce. The company was coy on exact specifications but as far as we can tell there’s a new set of LED headlights, a winch, and aftermarket wheels with off-road tires. We also found out there’s a modified suspension and additional power coming from the upgraded engine. Drivers looking to pack the modifications on the latest versions of the G Class need to hold back a little while longer – with the German company looking to redesign the model and come up with the resolution sometime next year. This iconic model has a cult following so we’re not expecting the next generation to be vastly different – only improved across all key areas. It’s also going to be a tad longer to accommodate more interior room – with the next generation architecture reportedly shedding some 440 pounds compared to the former G Class.