Carbon Motors took his equipment from the Visteon plant, Indiana, after the government refused to offer a loan to build high-tech police cars.

Connersville Mayor Leonard Urban said that the automaker has taken all its equipment from the Carbon Motors plant at the beginning of March. City workers have already painted over the company’s logo on the entrance and took the exit “Carbon Motors Drive” street signs. Carbon Motors has signed an agreement for part of the Visteon plant, but the deal expired on Sunday, March 31st.

In 2009 Carbon Motors came in Connersville with plans to manufacture its high-tech police cars at the vacant Visteon plant. Unfortunately, the US Department of Energy rejected the company’s bid made in March 2012 for a $310 million loan. Now the Connersville city will try to sell as former Visteon plant as soon as possible and deal with the high unemployment rate.

“No one has said anything about where they are going or what’s going to happen, we just know they came and got their stuff,” said Connersville Mayor Leonard Urban.

Carbon Motors was created in 2003 by Stacy Dean Stephens and William Santana Li, who is a former police officer and former Ford executive. In 2009 the company moved to Connersville, Indiana, planning to invest $350 million to convert a former Visteon plant. In 2010 the automaker received an order from BMW for 240,000 six-cylinder diesel engines. Carbon Motors attacked the US Department of Energy claiming that its reasons for the loan refusal were politically motivated.


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