Carlex Design makes the Porsche Cayenne relevant to salamanders… image

The aftermarket specialist is a well known tuner of the most important part of the car – the interior – after all this is where the owner spends most of its quality time.

We’re wondering who ordered this acid green accented interior for the Porsche Cayenne – maybe someone owning an iPhone 7 slapped with a Mickey Mouse case?! Anyways, at least the materials are top notch – alongside the questionable acid green accents there’s premium black leather and a few carbon fiber spices. As far as we can tell, we’re dealing with a current Cayenne S model, the one that has under the hood a twin-turbo V6 engine – though the steering wheel seems directly inspired by the sold-out, production-finished 918 hypercar.


We’re not going to question the interior choices by the owner – maybe it’s a sports aficionado since the cockpit now resembles a Nike sports bag – but anyways Carlex did their best to keep up their reputation up. They covered the seats, headliner, the doors, and the dash – and yes, unfortunately the very bright color is everywhere now, including the pokes of the wheel, air vents and gear shifter. We’re pretty sure the specialists over at Carlex spent countless hours getting everything right for the customer, as the level of detailing is incredible – from the perforated leather on the seats that was stitched with the same bright yellow-green to the bezel of the Chrono watch.