Carlex Design makes this Fabia interior value more than the car itself image

The subcompact Czech car is hardly the most pleasant place to have a long journey – though some specifications do come pretty close to high standards and come with quality materials.

This is a practical, rational, with dark colors and hard surfaces, thought for a practical, rational car. But Polish car interior couturier Carlex Design has decided to change that perspective and add some custom flair to the European supermini. And they managed to create a luxury rivaling interior – first off by completely retrimming the Fabia’s interior in fine cow hide. We’re not just talking about the seats, but also about the dashboard, door panels, center console, and steering wheel. What remained unchanged are the factory-fitted piano black dashboard fascia and beige felt headliner.


The patterned black leather upholstery has red contrasting touches as well as matching stitching – while the word “Birdman” and a stylized, winged motif are embossed onto the seats. For that reason, we can deduce that Carlex was approached by a personal user of a Fabia. That’s also the case since the new interior most likely cost more than the car did when it was new. More likely, adding in the cost of the car and the Carlex work and the owner could have gone out to buy something which was fittingly luxurious from the get go. But who are we to argue about personal choices?