You might want to hold of acquiring that condo and give the money to Carlex Design so they can hook you up to their latest project – a bespoke motorsport trailer that’s off the charts.

The company worked on the basics of the trailer of racing team Lukas Motorsports – with Carlex Design reworking the trailer’s interior to give it a modern living room appearance with soft materials and lots of soothing LED ambient lights. While this was once the Polish racing team’s GT3-spec Porsche 911 place of residence, there’s no circuit-ready car anywhere in sight now. Instead you’ll find a massive TV, a large sofa with contrasting effect to the mix of orange and dark leather – matched by the table in front and even the walls. Two more sofas are residing in the upper level of the trailer, complete with their own shiny table.

Carlex Design plays with bonkers Motorsports Trailer 9

The designers at Carlex are even taking care of the most mundane tasks – those you would require a bathroom – and they reworked the surface of the room with simple and modern metallic surfaces mixed with glossy floor and wall tiles. Of course, with such areas to cover, we can imagine the client had a pretty hefty price tag at the end – and we’re not even going to ask how much does he charge for a night of tourism in his new home away from home.


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